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How Mobile Phones And Microfinance Empower Women In The Philippines

Sari-sari stores are the smallest retailers in the Philippines, but they’re also among the most important. There are more than a million of these mom-and-pop convenience shops across the country, according to social entrepreneur Mark Ruiz. And it’s their ubiquity that makes them so culturally and economically significant. “The sari-sari store is pretty steeped deeply…
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The Guardian – Does microfinance work?

Much of the evidence strongly supports microfinance, but there is room for interpretation, says CGap’s Tilman Ehrbeck. Does microfinance work? This question has been intensively researched and hotly debated in the development community over the past few years. The answer depends on what you mean by the words ‘microfinance’ and ‘works’. I’ll explain more, but…
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Microfinance is the key for the Philippines to meet MDG 5

Devex Impact – November 18 2014 With just over 400 days remaining the meet the 2015 deadline for the Millennium Development Goals, the National Economic and Development Authority of the Philippines and U.N. Development Program recently reported the country is poised to miss achieving MDG 5 on maternal health. The Philippine Department of Health has determined that…
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The Economist – The biggest study so far finds that microcredit helps the poor after all

The Economist – Apr 19th 2014  For years the reputation of microfinance—which gives tiny loans to the poorest—rose and fell in tandem with relations between Grameen Bank and the Bangladeshi government. In 2006 the bank and its head, Muhammad Yunus, won the Nobel peace prize for reducing poverty and Mr Yunus toyed with setting up…
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When micro means big

TEMPO – News in a flash, Jan 6th, 2014 During the holiday season, some of us might have used the phrase “big things come in small packages” to describe the gifts we gave to or received from friends and loved ones. Indeed, there are times when things that seem little and invaluable can create an impact greater…
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How to rebuild the Philippines

12/24/13 09:22 Vicki Escarra – MSNBC Only small pieces of concrete remain in what was once the home of a fish monger named Arlene in San Dionisio, Iloilo, a village in the Philippines. Last month, Typhoon Haiyan swept away the house, all of the family’s possessions and the three boats that Arlene and her fisherman…
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Thanks to all who contributed to our feeding program to families affected by recent typhoons!

Thanks to all who contributed to our feeding program to families affected by recent typhoons! Total contribution: PHP161,790 (equals USD$3,702 or 24.118SEK), matched by our founder.

Microfinance opens gates for the entrepreneurial Pinoy

SIEGFRID O. ALEGADO, GMA NewsDecember 3, 2013 10:55pm A P5,000 loan and a lot of hard work were all it took for Enrico Fojas to stop searching for overseas work and transform a small animal feeds business into million peso enterprise. In 2008, Enrico’s brother suggested that he embark on a small business so he…
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Microfinance during challenging times

TEMPO – News in a flash, Dec 2nd, 2013 Three weeks after Yolanda, the typhoon-ravaged areas are gradually getting back on their feet. The focus has shifted from giving relief to survivors to providing them jobs and livelihood opportunities so that they can rebuild their lives. This is primarily the task of the government, but everyone…
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Reaching out to support the areas affected by the recent typhoons

We are making a trip Nov 29’th – Dec 2’nd to setup a feeding program and support families and children. We are bringing rice, sticky rice, onion, garlic, bread and toys for children. If you would like to donate any goods or money, please visit any of our offices, or contact us by email, Facebook…
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