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Liwayway Manzanillo

  Her name is Liwayway Manzanillo. She used to cultivate onions and to do so, she got an agri loan from JDI in 2017, but unfortunately, insects damaged her harvest, that is why she decided to switch to ampalaya (rice fields), easier to grow. The amount of her loan is 40,000PHP and she counts 2…
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Glenda Reyes

Her name is Glenda Reyes. She contracted a business loan from Joyful Development in June 2017 for her already existing business which is the buy and resell of onions. She renewed her loan after one cycle (6 months), and her current loan amounts to 10,000PHP. She testifies that the loan given by Joyful is hugely…
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Rhoda Lombres

Her name is Rhoda Lombres. She runs a noodle house, a little restaurant and she also breeds 10 piglets. 6 months ago, she got a business loan of 10,000PHP from JDI, which she appreciates to work with, principally due to all the good advices that Joyful gives to her, helping her to grow her business.

Lydia Apostol

Her name is Lydia Apostol. The business she runs is a youth clothes store. She works with Joyful since 2015, when she asked for a business loan of 15,000PHP, which was approved. Lydia says that Joyful is totally different from other microfinance institutions because JDI, and especially the Program Officer (Sir Albert) who works with…
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