About us

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Vision, Mission and values


Richard Axelsson – Experienced in corporate and voluntary organizations in developed and developing countries. Experience in areas of Project and Organizational Management, Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Finances, Product Development, Electronics, Energy, Quality.

Joy Axelsson – Experienced worker within voluntary organizations. Has worked with Youth With A Mission internationally since 1989. Experienced in working in third world countries.

Norberto “Bobbie” Langres – Experienced micro-finance practitioner/specialist. Has worked with local micro-finance company since 2005 and has been serving as Loans Officer to a local Foundation on its Micro-finance Program.

Emalin Langres – Experienced participatory community development worker and financial specialist. Experience in areas of participatory human development, project development, financial management and training and consultancy works.


Richard first visit to the Philippines 1996. Made several friends, including Bobbie. Richard started helping entrepreneurs start and expand businesses, which grew into several successful and self-sustainable businesses, creating many jobs.

During 2009 Richard and Bobbie decided to start pilot projects of microfinance and community development.

Seeing the potential and need of financial services to “unbanked” low income families, a decision was made to formalize the projects into a registered legal entity named Joyful Development, Inc. and to expand in new areas and develop new services.