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Joyful Development Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit private voluntary organization.
Its goal is to help micro and small entrepreneurs to improve their standards of living, their children’s future and communities.
We aim at erasing poverty and lack of opportunity as much as we can.


For our partners, even a small amount of loan can change their situation a lot, a business loan of a few hundreds of US dollars can enable them to build assets, to increase their revenue by growing their businesses and can thus empower them.

We believe that even a donation of a few dollars could help us helping them to create a better life for their family, by enabling them to pay for their children’s scholar fees,  their house fees and by giving them an opportunity to earn a solid amount of money.

At JDI, the ones who are helping our clients to build a better life by donating what they can, are very appreciated and we decided to dedicate a wall in their honor in our main office located in Bongabon.

We need you!

You want to be a part of this great project and participate to the creation of a better world?

Please feel free to contact us at You will find all contact information here.