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Joyful Development Inc. provides micro and small entrepreneurs with many financial services, such as loans, insurance, and saving accounts.


There are several types of loans, according to the kind of business you run or you want to launch:

Agri loan

Business Loan (Group)

Business Loan (Individual)

Educational Loan

Housing Loan

Market Vendor


    Salary Loan (Group)

    Salary Loan (Individual)

    Sanggunian Loan

    Seasonal Loan

    Settlement Loan

JDI proposes insurance policies, with fixed fees, insuring clients and their family and loans against hospitalization, death, or bad crops due to bad weather.


Family Life and Medical Insurance

Loan Redemption Insurance

Crop Insurance






JDI also wants to encourage its clients to save money, and thus proposes attractive interest rates on these savings, with flexible deposits and withdrawals.

    Capital Build-Up (CBU)





JDI also offers other types of products, that could help you and your community to develop, like training, community development and some medical products.


JDI put in place trainings, to make its clients, but also other people, aware of some practices in order to be able to grow their business more easily.
JDI provides personal financial training and business financial training.

Vocational training 

General wisdom and character development 





Medical products are proposed by Joyful to anyone, not only its clients, because we believe everyone’s life is important, and we want to help as much as we can.

Free eye checkup

Other medical checkups




In order to fulfill its objective of creating a world without poverty, JDI offers community development programs in needing areas, but also elsewhere, offering scholarships, charity, and conducting community group projects.



Community group projects