What we do

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Our assumptions are that financial products, financial and vocational training, and “general wisdom / character development” will improve the life of individuals and increase the revenue and family income and reducing the family’s financial risk.

When a family increase their income and reduce their financial risk, it will create opportunities for the family to develop.

Developing stronger families with increasing purchasing power will develop the society around them.

Current products are listed below. Products are developed to meet the needs of the market.

  • Financial products
    • Loans
      • Business loans
      • Individual business loans
      • Market vendor loans
      • Sanggunian loans
      • Salary loans
      • Agricultural loans
      • Housing loans
    • Savings
      • Micro saving
      • Time deposit
    • Insurance
      • Family medical insurance
      • Life insurance
      • Loan redemption insurance
      • Agricultural/crop insurance
  • Training
    • Financial training (Personal and Business)
    • Vocational training
    • General wisdom and character development
  • Medical
    • Free eye checkup
    • Other medical checkups
    • Medical and life insurance
  • Community Development
    • Scholarships
    • Charity
    • Community group projects

Target group
The target group for our products and services are entrepreneurs with business ideas or existing businesses with products or services that will benefit the society and generate an income to the entrepreneur.

Most of our clients are in the lower income brackets of the society, i.e. earning less than USD$2/day (PPP), thus by definition living under the poverty line.

We are also focusing to support clients that have the potential of growing to become SME, i.e. a registered enterprise employing more than 10 people.